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So, you came across this page accidentally? I don't want to dismiss you from here, without giving you at least a few informations about me, before you go on to find something more interesting.

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Hallo, Du bist also versehentlich hier gelandet? Um dich nicht einfach wieder ohne jegliche Informationen abziehen zu lassen, hier ein paar Worte zu mir.

Es gibt nicht allzuviel über mich zu sagen, außer, daß ich hier gelandet bin weil mir die neue Version von Battlestar Galactica ausgesprochen gut gefallen hat und ich vor allem James Callis als Dr. Gaius Baltar unglaublich unterhaltsam, fesselnd und sexy fand.

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The End of Silence

3. Routine and an Incident, Part 3

After three minutes Greer came back, with TJ at his coattail. Finally they were able to go into the room using their flashlights.
Both men were lying near the wall straight across from one of the consoles, wedged into each other in quite a bizarre way. Somebody had obviously removed the inspection panel of the console and its inner parts were blackened.
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The End of Silence

3. Routine and an Incident, Part 2

Early the next morning the daily routine started again for the whole crew. It took until midday for the last people to be brought back from stasis. One after another they went to TJ for their check-up. It appeared that a lot of them had the same problems with their hydrologic balance that the first group had. TJ had already decided that one of the scientists should check for this problem in Destiny’s database. Nobody knew when they would need to use the pods again, and it’s always better to be prepared.

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The End of Silence

3. Routine and an Incident, Part 1

After everybody was aboard again and all supplies were stored, the members of the second team were about to go to the bathrooms.

As promised, Rush first visited the infirmary. There he found TJ doing what she was always doing every time he had to visit her: inspecting medicine utensils, rearranging them, and preparing all the new plant samples for storage. While her hands and eyes did their work, she talked casually with Young, who lay without trousers and with one of his feet wrapped in a wet cloth, not far away on one of the beds. Despite that he seemed to be in a relaxed mood. The way those two reacted to each other was somehow very personal, and Rush’s first thought was to go away, but then both of them saw him.

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The End of Silence

2. Off World

Breakfast the next morning was quiet. It was necessary to ration the already small portions they had even more, and a few people were not happy about that. Though everyone understood the reason why.

Colonel Young and Camile Wray contacted SGC together very early in the morning to report that they were out of stasis, and to bring back the latest news from earth. In the following days all of them would be able to contact their relatives and friends on earth as soon as possible.

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The End of Silence

The End of Silence

Summer (non Spoiler): After more than three years in stasis it’s time for Destiny to awaken her crew and end the time of silence for the ship and the crew of Destiny. Old problems and demons will cause new problems. For a few it means to go back to known patterns, by trying to solve new problems with old methods. For others it means confronting themselves with events apparently long gone.

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Rush and Young - Two worlds collide

Rush and Young

Two worlds collide

This post is made due to a discussion which started with one of the stories written by potboy („Solution“ AO3, ff.net, LJ). I enjoyed that story very much as I enjoy reading Potboy’s stories in general, even if I don’t agree on everything which is written about my favorite character Nicholas Rush. The reason why I don’t agree on everything is easy to explain: both of us are in different characters, Potboy’s character of choise is Everett Young, and most of the time we argue also from their respective points of view.

What made me really love SGU was the way the main characters and all the others were written. Instaed of mere black and white, with a clear cut one dimensional villain and the obligatory good guy(s), we have a group of people, and two main characters which are described in all shadows of gray. And to keep them that way the writers brought them in situations, which were never easy to solve.

Due to their different backgrounds and what happened to them not too long before the events of the series started, their two worlds collide, and both of them sees in the other one a person who should, for very different reasons, not be in charge of a group a people who are stranded on an old spaceship, very far away from earth.

Another important conflict the series picked up as a central theme, which includes the two main characters, is the dispute between the military and the civilians. Both fractions struggle from the moment they arrive aboard Destiny for dominance. Who should be in charge of who, and who is in fact in command.
In the beginning of the series the military is in charge, and should be, because of the emergency situation. But later, when Young tries to command the civilians like his soldiers, and Rush is left behind on a planet after he opposed Young (neither the civilians nor all of the soldiers knew at that point the backstory), the conflict ends in a mutiny by the civilians against the soldiers.
During the end of the series both parts come more and more together, to find a way to respect each other and the work the opposed part is doing as equally important.

* * *

Here's my take on the characters of Young and Rush:

Rush is a scientist. He is a very intelligent, driven, pragmatic, and antisocial person, who’s actions can be seen as cold and ruthless. Aside from his drive to gain knowledge, one of the things he said several times is that one should always consider the greater good, if it comes to any kind of decisions. In a way, "always consider the greater good' is his motto.

He grew up in poverty, which forced him to do two jobs to be able to study at the university of Oxford, and be able to head for an academic career instead of staying in his original surrounding. A trace of this past is visible in the way he reacts in several situations, when he physically confronts men who are much heavier, and trained to fight. He never come over the death of his wife, and as a result he sealed himself (more) off, and got callous, and antisocial.

The way he reacts to soldiers seems to indicate that he does not have a very high opinion of the military, and the soldiers he has to work with.

Young is a typical soldier. He made his career in the military up to the rank of a colonel. He must have been a good soldier up to the point, where he got in a combat, and lost most of his group. As a result he asked for an appointment on an outpost, to not be forced to handle such a situation again. His motto could be "never left a comrade behind", which is also one of the leading motto's of the military codex in general.

The trauma he still suffers from, up to the end of the series, makes it nearly impossible for him to handle any kind of situations where he is forced to make a decision, in which he could lose a person under his command. Which also leads to the point were his motto turns into: "never left a comrade behind at any cost." On a few occasions he turns quite violent in emotional conflicting situations, though it's not his normal way to react.

Young is a very social person, so it is not surprising that his soldiers are very loyal towards him. He makes easy contact to all kind of different people, and appaers to be warm and friendly.

Those of you who watched SGU, and gained recognition for Jamil Walker Smith’s performance of the brave, and loyal soldier Sergeant Ronald Greer, check out this Indie-film “The American Dream” (http://www.littleplowfilms.com/projects/).
The film is written and directed by Jamil, and had its first runnings and approval at several indie-film festivals in between.
For those who are interested in further informations, enriched with notes by the director himself, have a look at this article: http://filmcourage.com/content/is-making-a-film-like-raising-a-child
I was not able to watch the Trailer on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnleRNSuibo&feature=youtu.be), because I live, obviously, in the wrong country, but I think it’s available from nearly everywhere, except Germany.

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Happy Birthday Myhelix!

Happy Birthday Myhelix.

I wish you a pleasant day, lots of gifts, nice food and drinks, and a party the way you like it! :)
While proof-reading a text I found the name of Gaius in some Inscriptions, yeah, of course it's the name of Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus ( 31 12 August CE – 24 41 January CE), more commonly known by his cognomen Caligula (wikipedia). But I thought it is funny to see the name written in Hieroglyphs!